New 10 track Album 'A Load of Bolix' is available on iTunes and Apple Music

A 10 track Extravaganser of the best tracks by DrBolix  . . . available from all leading music streaming websites . . . Worldwide

A Balanced Mind - An Album by DrBolix - available now at your favorite online music store - simply search for DrBolix on Google, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Deezer and all major online music stores. Purchase a single track or a whole album from any of the current 40 tracks or 7 albums and enjoy something a little different.

E.D.M. & MORE - A mixture of Dance and Chill Genres

Defy Ordinary - An Autobiography?

9th Planet - Astronomers investigating an odd alignment of rocks beyond Pluto concluded in 2016 that an undetected icy planet four times the size of Earth must exist . . . This Album describes a future flight to the planet at speeds faster than time itself . . . When the crew arrive they discover inhabitants of the planet are partying hard to electro/rock sounds and join the party . . . until they realise their intrusion was not welcome . . .

A Shot of Dopamine - Research has shown that music helps with brain function and as a result the potential to produce Dopamine. This highly important chemical in the brain is what Parkinson's suffers loose as the disease progresses

A Very Different Chill - is indeed very different in that unusual instrument sounds are included giving a relaxing experience with a subtle kick. Net profits from the sales of this album will go to Parkinson's Research

Weird Medicine - is the story of one man's battle with the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and the associated side effects of the drugs and medical treatments. All Net profits from the sales of this album go to Parkinson's Research